The End Records spotify:track:6PiYGlyL473hXsg6FBfpHI Ashes Against The Grain I'd say this is Agalloch's crowning glory. An album with clear, layered production and some very solid songwriting. Less folk and more distortion, some of the best songs this band ever made are on here. spotify:track:6IkTBaVaWjxN18iVeOS13R The Mantle Agalloch's most prolific folk record. To this day, it's a high water mark for the folk black metal scene. It sets the right tone with subtle humming keys, sharp acoustic melodies and layers of foreboding distortion. It's full of atmosphere but thank god there is a remaster! spotify:track:11cM2j84l31y3o1AjGhsVh Pale Folklore A masterpiece which finally got it's well deserved remaster. Now with the production being clearer and having more depth, the epicness of the dark folk-black tales come to right even better. spotify:track:3gPQB7YHsVIoIE3OMHrPFk The Ruiner I find it hard to keep interested in hearing this chaotic marriage of post-metal and shrieking from our favorite crazy wife Julie Christmas. It's a blend of things better taken apart, and done better by others.