Self released Ofte jeg drømmer mig død As the hauntingly melancholic acoustics slowly fade under the raging river of blastbeats, without losing any of their tormented sorrowful sounds, you know you are in for a good one. The black metal is furious but sad, giving rise to that peculiar emotion you often see in this genre. What makes this record stand out is the constant tempo shifting, and falling in and out of those acoustic folk segments, underlying the tragedy that the cover imbues. spotify:track:34rImtGTgxCP8gUgwi9x0j Elements Soothing downtempo ambient/electro from Russia. Remnant of Abakus and Tycho, Fjordwalker is able to sculpt soundscapes with high production value and incorporate memorable chill-out beats to the mix. Wouldn't mind seeing this at The Cathedral of Chill @ OZORA. Ember Breather Dip in darkness and despair in the deep desolate woods with Veldes. Proper folk-black with decent production and interesting hooks and some quality screams. But on a whole the albums tends to lack variety in sound and foremost in the vocals. A good first impression that I don't think will last. Firewatch Firewatch (the game) is all about interactive storytelling with dialogs, graphics, art and of course music. The music stands fine on it's own, but a few listens in it becomes apparent that the best way to listen this soundtrack is in the game. They Became The Falling Ash 'WITTR'-like doomy blackness, slow and piercing, tragic and majestically beautiful The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society 'Tallest Man'-esque lo-fi singer/songwriter folk. Nice, but interchangeable in the whole. spotify:track:1CDJgRpNpoyU0NiCeklvFO Desperate Dreams One man synth-black act which leans on Deafheaven. Works very well, too bad he churns out albums like crazy, and most of them are instrumental. The vocals are what keep this one above the rest. Spell of the Melancholic Landscapes A post-black-electro ambient record (Think 'Celestite' by WITTR). Though this has nothing to do with black metal other then the intent. It's a fine amateur record, but it's not at all renewing or revolutionary in what it does. Песни мертвых Hailing from Russia is this nice, little expression of amtmospheric black metal. It's nothing new nor exciting, it's rather 'normal' in all it's ways, but it does have a it's own setting, a sense of sincerity. Dwellings Mietteitä The Finnish folk project with potential, were forgotten for 8 years. Till now, and I'm sad to say, it's lost it's shine. The sole instrumentation sounds forced and missing the atmosphere of the earlier records. Sad, because I really, really wanted this to be amazing.. spotify:track:5ULRFVs1lXgBAbIdThbgY8 Vesica Piscis This is just a very nice exercise in dual-hang-playing, live recorded and dressed with ambient noises to make a relaxing and easy flowing chill record. The hang is a magical instrument, and this album is one where they come out like just that. Voyager EP An 'EP' which spans 40+ minutes. It's break time for these blackies and they choose to chill with cosmic ambient soundscapes, still solemn and ever lonely. Though there is a sense of companionship in this kind of lonely. An album turn of your head and flow on ethereal rivers. The Shepard Tone Ah, more work of my favorite avocado-evangelists. It's another chaotic and up-tempo psy-glitch-party fest full of fun. That's it; it's full of fun. It dabbles in all kinds of EDM-pools and while doing so taking the best of all worlds and smashing it together. As psychedelic guacamole. Studiotijd The War Room Dive into history with a sweet mix of electro, post-rock and sampling somewhere in between Massive Attack and Godspeed, You Black Emperor! The creativity in using all kinds of elements and genres oozes over this album and results in a most promising EP.