Nuclear Blast spotify:track:10Q34sF2qmP4BqM2Bb06h4 Silent Waters A strange but becoming marriage between almost-pop-songs, power metal and fierce screams and growls makes this album pop-out in freshness. spotify:track:6X8ApLX51CoWAqQH2SSoJr Sagas Equilibrium did it. They made a solid debut album, raising the bar in layered sound and production value for folk metal, and then they raised it again with this sequel to it. The record is even more alive, intense, powerful and oddly cheerful. spotify:track:4O9ohNd5VZI18FDr3s8nzn In Times Enslaved are good at what they do, and not afraid to do different things. This is a good thing and I can appreciate the band for it, but this album is too power/proggy for me, and the black vox that it has, don't really suit me. spotify:track:63n1Nbb39T4sdVF9mPz8XA Hammer Of The Witches Sorry, but no. I'm still not convinced. I'm still not in overproduced poppy deathmetal to sell backpack patches to goth schoolgirls. This is not my cup of tea and probably never will be. I can hear these are decent musicians with proper skill, but it's not for me. Blood Mantra