Cyclic Law Etmaal Emerged from rehearsals for Hadewych, a group of drummers and percussionists created something deeper. Ethereal drones emerging from a deep darkness, spurred on by rhythmic percussion. Just as the cover art it is haunting and uneasy. spotify:track:4EtSgzAv2BRTr5DBVFYUeC The Sense of Dust and Sheer Ambient / Noise is always hard to appriciate in writing such as this because a lot of releases blend together, as do songs on each release. It's more about the atmosphere and the production quality of it. This one gets special recognition because of it's ties to artists such as Ulver and Amenra, which in a way makes it stand out from the crowd. Dark, paranoid, layered, deep, unsettling and hauntingly beautiful.