Century Media spotify:track:2JRvamzTwF8WtJ71MPhIIc Battle Metal Battle Metal set the bar for, well, battle metal. The most bombastic, symphonic and strangely upbeat but still very br00tal release in years. So, fucking, catchy! BATTLE! METAL! spotify:track:6hTPW3x7Em9pniWAQv3244 Jumalten Aika A Moonsorrow record is quickly identified: Heavy riffs chugging, realistic soundcapes and deep war drums, and brutal singalongs. But the records start to blend together, and as such, this one doesn't grasp me as much as others do. It lacks memorable riffs and songwriting that Kivenkantaja does have. spotify:track:3frjkX634GnJa3YJ0ht6Cp Winter Thrice I want to like this, since I always said there wasn't a Borknagar record that I don't love. But alas, here we are. Extra sad is that Garm (Ulver) is on in the vocals, so the dissapointment is bigger. The main problem is a lack of coherence in the vocals and all-over feel of the album. Empricism