Blood Music spotify:track:5Wrd7eU7jcJPoZEU1Z26ow Behemoth My first real proper introduction to 'marauder', darkwave disco, Satanic Morodor, whatever you will. It's twisted electro, with a blackmetal background. Satanism hasn't sounded this thick, intense and swingy since the '80s! spotify:track:0mU8WnBCEpk0afIqUePIrD Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort What's in a name? The same as in this album, an epic tale of history of one of the most brutal and literally frostbitten artic voyages. What best to tell such tale with grim black metal and theatrical interludes? This album is literally made to tell a true story, and it's well worth sitting down for spotify:track:5mEoi7jz5j9oWXW9XSscKD Against This Weald A beautiful, compact ode to the atmospheric folk black metal. Omnious as Wolves In The Throneroom, with the epicness of Moonsorrow in a quality production. The quality of songwriiting and production overall gives me goosebumps. I wholeheartedly support passion like this!