Bindrune Recordings spotify:track:0HmI8iKZLpa69G4MuNATBN Believe In No Coming Shore An exercise in melancholy of misty mountains and foggy shores. Calm, deep, intense with great writing and production, but not as memorable as it's predecessor. spotify:track:0x9KbgXQRsqFPHstzcdB9r Autumn Eternal The new Panopticon focuses less on the folk and more on the thick, heavy barrages of riffing and deep gurgles of gruntwork. This doesn't mean the album is any less atmospheric. If anything, it's ever more intense this way. spotify:track:5cgpsZHqPMr0sFHinDfsRy The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood The most stunning debut of this atmospheric blackmetal outfit. Dark, depressing, mystical, eerie and overall hauntingly beautiful. The atmosphere on this record knows no equal, the solos are solid and the whole gives me goosebumps every fucking time I hear it. spotify:track:0lsQuGo2JWYRHV1ZKxDstt Roads To The North Panopticon sets the bar for expanding black metal horizons with this Kentucky-blues hybrid. Highly melodic, intense and utterly creative songwriting. The only downside is the bit muddled production, but that also shines the light on the clearer acoustic parts, so all is well!