2016 spotify:track:0yThf3FJxo4TBUWXVGjyNJ ATGCLVLSSCAP Another concept piece from Ulver. This time blending live recorded improvisational soundscapes and pieces of other albums, blended in the studio to make an interesting listen as well as a tapestry of ambient background sounds. spotify:track:7BRmj766fZpBj6IvGzezaG Bumblin’ Creed Championing spirits of locus and wonder. Banjo plucks and dobro jitters, finger-pickin' and avian charms, with unions of harmonium and harmonica waltzing endless time with Faulkner's southern ghosts. spotify:track:6IxPhy8aOFmABuTQDmNXuh Todbringer Ellende sets forth what once bands as Empyrium set out to do; the feel of classical romanticism draped in anguish, woe and despair. Given a voice by tear jerking melodies, melancholic folk and mid-tempo screeching black metal. Just my cup of tea. spotify:track:4NHScOBl9z2iYc8peQdqXO Mystical Future Atmospheric black from South Africa. It checks all the boxes; winding and stretched mid-tempo walls of noise, contemplative acoustics interludes and harrowing screams. But that's just it; it just checks the boxes. It's good, but it lacks some identity sadly. spotify:track:2kk3Lyl3HUNcNqNvfGGiYr Arrival A very minimalistic, neo-classical soundtrack which is nothing but brooding and brooding, untill the sudden swell of the horns which die away as fast as they came. It's made of course for the suspense of the movie, but it holds up really well on it's own. And there are a few OST that can say that. Ember Breather Dip in darkness and despair in the deep desolate woods with Veldes. Proper folk-black with decent production and interesting hooks and some quality screams. But on a whole the albums tends to lack variety in sound and foremost in the vocals. A good first impression that I don't think will last. Firewatch Firewatch (the game) is all about interactive storytelling with dialogs, graphics, art and of course music. The music stands fine on it's own, but a few listens in it becomes apparent that the best way to listen this soundtrack is in the game. spotify:track:7fu8LObFpfyjygzBhvqHiO Devoid of Light Uada seems to be one of the frontrunners of the new American black metal scene, and I like it. It's a fresh take on the old black-trash bond with staggering modern black and old school trashy solo's. Path of Eight A heavy focus on the concept behind the album, which didn't really do it any good. Find it hard to keep myself interested, though there are some nice riffs. But progmetal with clean vox isn't what I search for in the Mouth of the Architect. spotify:track:5Sj4lfO3WrUq7rpHSvPjji Ape in Pink Marble Continuing the path set by Mala, more away from the freakyness and more into the calm and warm tones of neofolk, with a tiny hint of psychedelics on it's edges. Fine background music to relax to. Spell of the Melancholic Landscapes A post-black-electro ambient record (Think 'Celestite' by WITTR). Though this has nothing to do with black metal other then the intent. It's a fine amateur record, but it's not at all renewing or revolutionary in what it does. Uur / Endless Floods , Strechted doom metal with clean vocals. A Dutch/French split with mostly the same ingredients. It sounds just fine for doom metal, but I can't say I'm a big doom fan. Wederganger / Laster , On this split with two of the most promising new BM bands in The Netherlands both bands bring their A-game to this split. Laster's part is intense and furious whereas Wederganger take their time on brooding midtempo pagan black. spotify:track:582kzCKNbdxuni6rbEhWEe Weval Downtempo-tech-house-electronica from Amsterdam. The first full-length after a promising EP, and boy does it deliver. It's a most relaxing record with soft beats, subtle instrumentation and enough good inspiration to make it last. spotify:track:0mU8WnBCEpk0afIqUePIrD Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort What's in a name? The same as in this album, an epic tale of history of one of the most brutal and literally frostbitten artic voyages. What best to tell such tale with grim black metal and theatrical interludes? This album is literally made to tell a true story, and it's well worth sitting down for spotify:track:6hTPW3x7Em9pniWAQv3244 Jumalten Aika A Moonsorrow record is quickly identified: Heavy riffs chugging, realistic soundcapes and deep war drums, and brutal singalongs. But the records start to blend together, and as such, this one doesn't grasp me as much as others do. It lacks memorable riffs and songwriting that Kivenkantaja does have. spotify:track:6CsLzlm9cVD6BOf1aS4pFi Audio Noir The first proper full-length after years of touring on demos and a split-up of the band, and I can say it disappointing. It doesn't deliver on the dynamic, deep post-metal I'd come to expect. It has it's moments but is rather flat at the end of it. spotify:track:3NMwWr06oRjH22lpVe5iPF Mariner The post-masters of Cult of Luna team up with the crazy wife Julie Christmas and it works like a charm. Their deep and haunting post metal is met with the vocal marriage of the growls of Johannes and crazy screams of Julie, and boy does magic happen. spotify:track:15opwafOw0Q58TYZYtUdfO Seraphical Euphony AMG hailed this as a pure brand masterpiece, and I can see why. It does a lot, from black metal structuring to deathmetal riffing, folk interludes etc. But it's all done too well to my taste; it's too polished, shiny and produced for my ears. spotify:track:0Nty4pNlgYbthtcvXS5KJD A Piece for Mind & Mirror Seeing Skuggsjá (Wardruna & Enslaved) perform live was a real privilege, since it wasn't really supposed to be more then a one time thing. The record that wasn't supposed to be made is here now and it's a proper reflection of the project. Deep folk and roaring folk-black metal. spotify:track:41xDLZsRqlHlc93Zwur591 Dauðra Dura Forndom does what Wardruna does; make a historical connection to the Viking-spirituals back in the day. The difference, however, is that Forndom takes a slow pacing and deep, calm sounds to tell the tale, where Wardruna tends to explode into epic showdowns. spotify:track:3frjkX634GnJa3YJ0ht6Cp Winter Thrice I want to like this, since I always said there wasn't a Borknagar record that I don't love. But alas, here we are. Extra sad is that Garm (Ulver) is on in the vocals, so the dissapointment is bigger. The main problem is a lack of coherence in the vocals and all-over feel of the album.