2014 spotify:track:44ncaX0QJZMNoSWP8XX00d Split Personalities I know none of this artist, other then that it's a solid piece of music, only if it is only 12 minute long. It's a good 12 minutes filled with cinematic soundscapes. I wouldn't be suprised if this is something of a soundtrack or at least from a soundtrack composer. The songs tell stories without words, create atmospheres to look around in. spotify:track:6yvb5KRL6HBp89EXUJDa7i Dromers A solid demo/EP of a promising band. Opening with a trashy riff that just before it get's old, shifts into new varieties of the melody, adding texture and layers to the song. Fluisteraar show they have the means to keep a monotone 16 minute song interesting after just a few minutes. Wholly promising spotify:track:0xgm9ojDGh01nTsreKg0oL Shaken With a warm, fuzzy sound and eerie dissonance Maggie Bjorklund takes you on a estranging journey of warm country tunes and ice cold psychedelic folk. A mixture that comes across as very, very effective. Each track stands out, but the total picture is what makes this record. Embrace the freaky. spotify:track:0HmI8iKZLpa69G4MuNATBN Believe In No Coming Shore An exercise in melancholy of misty mountains and foggy shores. Calm, deep, intense with great writing and production, but not as memorable as it's predecessor. As The Stars Quality atmospheric black, lots of major scale epicness with grim undertones, production is a bit flat spotify:track:5j7LnPfID0DCpvVAXm0YDX After The Rain Clouds Go J-Pop, say what now? Yeah, got my fingers in a lot of pies. Sometimes I enjoy the Japanese pop weirdness and Akeboshi is my go-to guy 'cause he flirts with the psychedelic pop of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Overall this album is way too sugary sweet and the production is too polished. spotify:track:0V5fnIg4cnkI9u5RCrZ8Hk De Verste Verte Is Hier The first full-length after the promising demo makes true on all the promises. The production value has gone up and the songwriting fleshes out. The grey mass of distortion becomes the foundation of more experimental music with noise, piano and obscure dance music. Песни мертвых Hailing from Russia is this nice, little expression of amtmospheric black metal. It's nothing new nor exciting, it's rather 'normal' in all it's ways, but it does have a it's own setting, a sense of sincerity. spotify:track:3IL43TRkEnh4buGOZ1Brb5 Ruins This wasn't at all what I expected. The first track 'Made of Metal' on 'Ruins' with a black cover would suggest something heavy. Not a piano-laden, modest singer-songwriter record. That said, it still is a lovely record with a lot of depth and feeling in the sounds. spotify:track:2GQzkktWAhcZOptFwlJYhe IV – One With The Storm Unlike Galar's 'Gjenlevende', Ghost Brigade opens with a solid track, but tends to fuck up the rest. It starts with some pretty good epic melo-death, but lingers on in Godsmack-esque emo hardrock :/ tf. A Field In England: Re-imagined A limited RSD release, re-imagining of Jim William's OST for the film by the same title. The solemn horn in the opening, slowly growing to a ensemble of chilling dark ambient and soothing guitar melodies make for a interesting mix. Now I'll have to see and listen the original. spotify:track:7fQgIaTVHxip9m7no6wwAc I’m In Your Mind Fuzz King Gizzard is in my mind. And it blew me, hard. This is one of the 'all-time-favourites' for it's immense energy, sheer fun and creativity that this album oozes out on every listen. Not to mention the insanely great stage performance of these guys. spotify:track:5mEoi7jz5j9oWXW9XSscKD Against This Weald A beautiful, compact ode to the atmospheric folk black metal. Omnious as Wolves In The Throneroom, with the epicness of Moonsorrow in a quality production. The quality of songwriiting and production overall gives me goosebumps. I wholeheartedly support passion like this! spotify:track:6ebuGoR88P4o6QEqke6DGx LUX Part post-rock, part glitchy electronic with catchy hooks and beats. A dangerous mix, but EZ3kiel does it just right. The flow of the album, balancing the two sides of it, is just great. It makes the whole an interesting listen. spotify:track:2YcYeUDBaLsrQc8ujnAOff Celestite "It’s a formless cascade of sound, a vision rendered with countless layers of synths, brass instruments, woodwinds, and the occasional electric guitar, all the while leaving out the human element. " This is the pure essence of black metal ambient, ever evolving suspense done right. Blood Mantra The Dawn Paeonia Where Greater Men Have Fallen At War With Reality The Turn Of The Tides Foundations Of Burden Ótta Tekeli-Li spotify:track:0lsQuGo2JWYRHV1ZKxDstt Roads To The North Panopticon sets the bar for expanding black metal horizons with this Kentucky-blues hybrid. Highly melodic, intense and utterly creative songwriting. The only downside is the bit muddled production, but that also shines the light on the clearer acoustic parts, so all is well! Kill The Power Turn Blue The Serpent & The Sphere