2013 spotify:track:0XwTCFtmiwCwtjjyTd7xci Engravings I really love the sound and style of Forest Swords. Glitchy sampling of inaudible babble, lo-fi guitar noises and a healthy dose of dub-beats. The percussion is constant, and the music flutters in and out of context. It makes for very chill, but also a bit unsetteling music. Chill and unsettling, that's me. spotify:track:5Z4SgEuauwY3g07FcLfYbk Inform – Educate – Entertain Can't win 'em all. After a astoundingly promising EP, PSB drifts forth in more of the same with less focus. This first full-length is essentially the succesful sound of the EP, but stretched across so many themes it lacks coherence. The record isn't bad, it could've been better. spotify:track:1SkhH8IpSiIfNhn6PcYxNL Teethed Glory and Injury Never was their such an impressive, twisted, avant-garde and progressive piece of pure hate and misery then Altar's final record. The way they disconstruct all known black metal cliches and build it anew in a artsy, abstract but oh-so-compelling way is astounding. À l’âme enflammée, l’âme constellée… This record is huge, in length, in production and in concept. Classical music flirts with folk influences, the string section brushes with the harsh distortion. Think big soundscapes where tension is always rising and falling between the classical and the chaotic brutality. spotify:track:6smzsf7Aif6WC5wONldBCq III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars There's much to say about The Devil's Blood but I only got 300 characters. So I'll say this: This is a solid record which proves their mastery of the musical arts, occult thematics, songwriting and production values. The occult 70s psychedelic rock hype is real. spotify:track:3DHtILSNfGgKnUD2imndgf More Constant Than the Gods SubRosa is known to be a exciting, diverse doom-metal act with spectacular live shows. And yes, the live show at Roadburn did impress very deeply, but this record just can't. Mostly for the sake of the vocals, they sound flat and without the reach they need and it dampens the music. Shame though. spotify:track:7gs2IIU3JHsEuiddUN1z9I Warble Womb Get sleazy and get stoned, cuz it's time for a Dead Meadow record. While songs tend to be less memorable in writing than Old Growth, the sound these guys produce is so iconic to their style, that more of the same is always better. Kick back and let the light shine thru. spotify:track:6saVnhFqQ2270dJBveTCha Sunbather There is a lot to be said about Deafheaven, and I don't care about it at all. Sunbather blew me away and will continue to do so. The sheer power and atrocities on this record, filled in with bright colors and major scales melodies in contrast with the fierce screams raise the hairs on my arms. spotify:track:2PmpUOxFDMi7BNGkk4B4ek Something French / Loring Baker Two tracks of the 'new' Banhart, confirming a more poppy-sound in mellow production. Fortunately, it still manages to keep the Cripple Crow vibe alive, especially in the wonderful Loring Baker. spotify:track:79gl0tvYEoUrId7VeBYVIg Repent, Replenish, Repeat The last DLSvSP record before they parted ways, and thank god I was there on the final tour in a sweaty hiphop bar, to bounce along the darkest tracks they've made so far. Very personal, very bitter and angry. I like. spotify:track:4arGxjcJXjM7sTnAXmMqDy Roots , It's big, it's brutal, it's Scottish! So prepare for some folk-laden atmospheric black metal with outstanding flute- and bagpipe sections. Overall not too unique in it's kind, but the Scottish flavor does make it it's own. spotify:track:45vL5B4dDv4pcExel8K0hs Wondrous Bughouse Heard this as a soundtrack and it worked for me. On record though, it's a little too much 'look at me I can do MGMT too!'. It has it's moments, but I tend to lose interest quickly. spotify:track:2n2ob1ZcpU6qiLmcPuwoNS Master The first time I heard 'Reaper', I didn't know what was going on. Consider this my first real experience with psych-rock. Steady electro beats rave to hypnotize, building layer on layer of intensity and wonder. Note the exceptional horn sections. Runaljod – Yggdrasil Through The Never √ (Racine Carrée) Messe I.X-VI.X Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy Repave Even Thundra Aventine Vertikal Random Acces Memories Old Mornings Dawn Museum of Consciousness