2012 Live Again Live Again is one of my most cherised folk records by one of the most cherised folk bands Silly Wizard. A great greatest-hits live performance that sweeps you up with fiery jigs, brings you down with touching blues and can make you dance with joy. If not for the wild audience cheers at the end of songs you wouldn't hear that it was a live record, so good the audio quality is. Yclypt Pastoral strings in very minimal compositions, tell tales of loneliness and longing. There is something magical about the subtle waxing and waning of this record, and the images and stories it invokes. Very touching, very beautiful. The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society 'Tallest Man'-esque lo-fi singer/songwriter folk. Nice, but interchangeable in the whole. spotify:track:3IWS0nL3CWefCrpremoDUJ Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light The last album made before the ironic death of singer David Gold. His death gives the album even more feeling, depth and personality. Depressive blackened doom. spotify:track:5XnkctXrvM0YcqZMjFvJu2 Wijsgeer & Narreman The first offering of Dutch Laster has it all: A 20 minute slab of monotonous grey melancholy layers of distortion, pounding drums and a singer who screeches from the darkest places of his soul. Top it off with a philosophical theme, and there you have another great BM band. The Shepard Tone Ah, more work of my favorite avocado-evangelists. It's another chaotic and up-tempo psy-glitch-party fest full of fun. That's it; it's full of fun. It dabbles in all kinds of EDM-pools and while doing so taking the best of all worlds and smashing it together. As psychedelic guacamole. spotify:track:6uswws5UiNHy5MsjMQ0uZh The Orbserver in the Star House , A weird marriage, between The Orb and LSP, but there is no denying reggae and chill-out go together like cake and icing. Sadly the beats on this album have too much 'pep in their step' to really be relaxing, and LSP performance doesn't do it justice. Sorrow and Extinction The Burgh Island EP Childhood’s End Searching For Sugar Man Maskerade Urd Batavi The War Room Dive into history with a sweet mix of electro, post-rock and sampling somewhere in between Massive Attack and Godspeed, You Black Emperor! The creativity in using all kinds of elements and genres oozes over this album and results in a most promising EP.