2011 spotify:track:4qoPbn9IJ0BQ1bDaCuHznS Face Lion, Face Oignon Lugubrum is weird. It takes black metal roots, drowns it in vodka and pokes it long enough that it starts dancing weird. I admire the creativity and guts to do this, but I don't know if I like to listen to it, which is kinda the point. spotify:track:0TBClFs57X7ZvTRrcGuTPm Aesthethica Liturgy was (afaik) one of the first bands to brazenly expand the borders of brutal black metal and doing so by making it an exercise in Swans-like texturing and mathematical hypnotizing riffing. It's a record that will disturb you, and won't let you relax, but it is a masterpiece for it. Dwellings spotify:track:5PV6r93MQICDlBiCEbURLZ Space Is Only Noise Nicolas Jaar is a modern day Mozart in electronic music. He uses sounds to paint pictures and to tell a story. Not with melodies or lyrics per-se, but with a mindset, a whiff of a surreal situation, a memory. spotify:track:16yev7Mp70hgyvOazm7fiK Redemption At The Puritans Hand Everything Primordial does feels like an epic stature of pride and power, and 'Redemption' is no different. Solid songwriting, production and (sadly) scarce use of harsh vocals. The second part of the album isn't as memorable as the first. spotify:track:1QC4kY7UIk4WQ4p5GwvF0w Shine Black Algiz / Hold My Hand On a more serious note, but still strangely uplifting comes this other EP with darkened folk, remnant of the melancholy heard on Agalloch's masterpiece 'The White'. spotify:track:3c8a3Zc5cceRSDYusbNXG3 The Collective As an instrumental post-metal band you have to balance all the ingredients just right to keep it interesting. The Collective takes the easy path by staying at the core of the genre, but it also fails to leave an impression while doing nothing wrong. spotify:track:3oo1LS8bNHNn54r1gg01co 122012 & 042911 Piano-centered ambient release. It's nice, but like most of us I bought it just because it's John Haughm, because let's be honest, anyone with a midicontroller could do this spotify:track:5cgpsZHqPMr0sFHinDfsRy The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood The most stunning debut of this atmospheric blackmetal outfit. Dark, depressing, mystical, eerie and overall hauntingly beautiful. The atmosphere on this record knows no equal, the solos are solid and the whole gives me goosebumps every fucking time I hear it. Torn Beyond Reason Two Worlds Distraction Pieces Mirel Wagner