2010 spotify:track:12Jtf7h291mPyoTOAHjda7 Monolith Impressive catchy songwriting with a lot of progressive hooks and breaks, and a special shout out to the sublime vocal(mix), massive amounts of care went in to each song and you hear the dedication. A melodic death/black band as there are few. In my opinion, they make Opeth look like pussies. spotify:track:3WU7FdjtdLSzfRbuPXV61G The Threshingfloor Wovenhand is often a darkened, spiritual act and The Thresingfloor spices things up with a modest flair of Eastern elements and a thick production that shrouds the record in a sense of mystique. Add memorable hooks and melodies to the mix and the total package is a more than enjoyable ride. spotify:track:5KOPAPO43nR2bs8HORU8JA Der Freiwillige Bettler A slow slope into blackend madness. Urfaust's trademark twisted screams flow through mazes of hypnotic downtempo black metal. Dark 'n doomy. spotify:track:1i1xQBFuHPXWDYBX2b6L3L Winterkälte If you're looking for some harsh, old skool blastbeat black metal, come to Switzerland. Apparently it's so fucking cold and grim up there that Paysage D'hiver recorded this. A record that stands as an ode to the blackend chaos and noise of which we came. spotify:track:4wPIGvx8L4PJmqJ9R4neOe It’s Like Dying on Christmas Day A 'fun' little tongue-in-cheek EP with the most creepy happy Christmas songs about dying, death and despair. Your imminent demise has never sounded so warm and cheerful. Happy holidays, we're born to die! spotify:track:2zEAzaG53MeHeDo7yiVTSm Ecailles De Lune Ecailles de Lune is my favorite Alcest album, because it brings back that harsh Amesoeurs sound and combines it perfectly with the dreamy, almost ethereal shoegaze. The record sounds like the cover looks; a dark but magical night of unspoken tales. Prisms Eskmo