2009 spotify:track:7fBw2OmBmmyh9VL539QyIx Malefeasance A strange collection of blackend noise. Most tracks create noise from chaos with a simple soundscape to start with, but the twists and turns between them tend to be exciting. Especially 'Hitori Bon Odori' is a nice track where the production is off, but it made me wonder if that wasn't exactly the point of it. Noise that makes you wonder about the point of noise, is noise worth mentioning. spotify:track:73wUDH27fFghbzO7gsQe4o Galgenfrist Ghoulish-blackend-dungeon-funeral-doom that sounds like it's oozing from dark and desolate depths from inside a mirky and haunted forest. Not so much songs but more shaped soundscapes made to infer sorrow and a very creepy haunting atmosphere. spotify:track:4WEHCETUETMffvUPK2R7WL Threadbare The last release of sea-faring, folk-pop-bluesers Port O'Brien. Some of their best songwriting and by far cleanest production. The album has a concept and due consistency, and it really iterates on all the good stuff from earlier. Sadly though, no longer. At least they ended on a high note. spotify:track:3eKyHaJvYaC3mnA8du4JqC De Gek Harbringer of lo-fi 'funeral folk', the creepiest atmospheres, the darkest corners of music. Phenomenal! spotify:track:3z3Tt0qbzk9A5tzwG7t6Ia Amesoeurs 'A kaleidoscoping soundtrack for the modern era'. This record does away with all the nature-religion-folk in black metal, and goes straight for the hardships of urban life. Exquisite songwriting and production, sharp mix of pop and black metal. spotify:track:2z4X47ZuDmPTrHYI1HMHBb Clean Hands Go Foul Khanate is a unique piece of work. It sounds like a band dying in the studio and recording every last bit of it. Prepare to not be swayed away by layers of noise, but rather be thrown into a bathtub of rusty razors and salt. This is meant to hurt. spotify:track:4JkgZJ4N5kwQPbsQuY6iX0 No Hassle 'No Hassle' does the record justice. Sit down for a 2 hour spin of downtempo mellow beeps and bloops, with a flair of jazz and a whiff of trip-hop. The length of albums like these aren't a problem (see Nord), because it's suited best in the back of your mind. Doesn't require attention. spotify:track:2o6F6YMxMpWDzdefqy9ACb Fever Ray This is definitively in my top-5 records of all time. The gloomy electronic beats serve as a background for a swamp of surreal ritualistic music. The atmosphere oozing out of every element of this record is so sublimely delivered. After 8 years, I still want to drown in this music. spotify:track:2LvCmUWq75gYc5TtYPJPpR Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants It's amazing some teenagers got together to play some blues, and then continue to take the world by force with hammond-riddled bluesrock like in the old days. They have a way of making it appealing and hip again for younger generations to dive into their parents record collection for more. Upper Air American Spiritual Koonyum Sun