2008 spotify:track:4EsNQcdsHv2IzLmSHPku5Q Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair It's been a while since I was this hyped for a (to me) relatively new genre of spoken-word-jazz-infused-post-hardcore from La Dispute. Their new album is coming soon and I have had the singles on repeat. So to satisfy the needs, diving into the back catalogue. This one is a bit more hardcore and loosely based on a concept. It isn't as captivating as the new singles, but it showcases a very unique sound. spotify:track:0Pk9kB7L1PkgwxBVGVi8Ch Hindsight All your favorite Anathema anthems redone in extra emo melancholy acoustic covers. You'd think the songs would miss the heavy impact, but the focus just shifted from decibels to emotions. Stunning. spotify:track:4HHuUQO7QeHvWC4yiT5dMk Rum on Board Proper seaman shanties in the minimalistic folk-roots lo-fi blues with a pure and authentic sound and feel. Songs bounce between jolly singalongs to more psychedelic mysterious ones. A lovely album to chant along with. spotify:track:6X8ApLX51CoWAqQH2SSoJr Sagas Equilibrium did it. They made a solid debut album, raising the bar in layered sound and production value for folk metal, and then they raised it again with this sequel to it. The record is even more alive, intense, powerful and oddly cheerful. spotify:track:62ionmZcmGW5LOLUy0FCGq The White It's hard for me to write about this album, because I tend to experience this record as a spiritual endeavor. It sound is so alive, it's evolving while you hear it. This is a window into another world. A world subtle melodies and woe. spotify:track:5RmswDy09aVYdFlpUgkEa2 Until That Day The best of the best; the all-star artists of the Easy Star label come together to do amazing things, among other cover-albums this EP with originals by a whole team of dreadheads. It makes for an interesting mix and look into the different sides of the genre. spotify:track:6OZMrqnFk7mUqxq0zmnWT2 Old Growth This popped my cherry in the grungy stonerrock, and to this day it's one of my favourites. Songs dabble forth on a solid flow of fuzzy guitar and basslines, with vocals blurred out by a proper stoner who want's to tell you something, but doesn't really want to get up to do so. Lovely. spotify:track:0AYG6SAYb5ko9YFL5yugsN Dolores Bohren & Der Club Of Gore is a lovely darkjazz project and their latest release 'Dolores' takes a lighter take on the whole. The sound is less noir, gloomy and a bit friendlier in the keys-department. Nice, but not the depressive darkness I seek here. spotify:track:5ULRFVs1lXgBAbIdThbgY8 Vesica Piscis This is just a very nice exercise in dual-hang-playing, live recorded and dressed with ambient noises to make a relaxing and easy flowing chill record. The hang is a magical instrument, and this album is one where they come out like just that. spotify:track:5saTbIlLgvaFMobR5SjjjX Angels This has to be the DLSvSP release with the most hitters on there. Every single track is filled with creative beatmaking, phenomenal spoken-word poetry and a clear voice to channel ideas. This is hip-hop in the purest form. It isn't about bitches and money, but about creative development. spotify:track:3gPQB7YHsVIoIE3OMHrPFk The Ruiner I find it hard to keep interested in hearing this chaotic marriage of post-metal and shrieking from our favorite crazy wife Julie Christmas. It's a blend of things better taken apart, and done better by others. Lost To The Living