2006 spotify:track:51IDFtT9jWSZtXwBkUVPoR Echo Other There is never a shortage of downtempo chill-out, but this record by Australian All India Radio sticks out. Genuinely crafted 'real instrumented' melodies blend with soothing pads and some light electronic beats in such a way that gives a coherent vibe that never gets boring or stale. spotify:track:0tmI4RWcyIUU1U5K6UA5HM The Forever Ending Jitter Quest of Slow Hand Chuckle Walker: An Introduction To The Manatee Ah, it must be post-metal for that length of title. And it is, exquisite at that. Manatees play/are slow and heavy but with the right momentum to groove and blast when needed. The record stretches over five parts which all have their own feeling and still keep to an overall heavy and brutal sound. spotify:track:0XksOvuxu75wAj46mZlD6u Noir One of the first encounters I had with postmetal. The mysterious, heavy sound does the title justice. Callisto incorporates shards of jazz to add to the overall tone of the album. The vocals are deep, the production is solid and the album varies enough to keep you interested till the end and repeat. spotify:track:5yan2Q1DdhdbocwlnUIzCV Drawing Circles By far my favorite 'math-metal' record ever. The sheer intensity and skewed groovy flow with awesome hardcore vocals is amazing. It's recorded, written and listens like a jigsaw puzzle that can dazzle a man. spotify:track:5YKvnB0QFRarJ4ZMnD7fHr Silent Shout By far the best record by The Knife (not counting Tomorrow In A Year, because of reasons). Thick disco beats, dirty sounds and a nasty atmosphere. I laik. spotify:track:4N1c7TO5M4Zm1o5M9gyVKi Oath Bound Most epic blackness, ripping out the darkest depths of the Tolkien universe, we get to hear a symphonic, roaring soundtrack of the underworld. Every song is slow to mid-tempo but somehow very intense in it's delivery. spotify:track:6PiYGlyL473hXsg6FBfpHI Ashes Against The Grain I'd say this is Agalloch's crowning glory. An album with clear, layered production and some very solid songwriting. Less folk and more distortion, some of the best songs this band ever made are on here. spotify:track:1cZtzz1ABGq6XGC21cCb0p Somewhere Along The Highway My deflowering in post metal is this gem. A rusty gem, with sharp corners that'll cut you. The album ploughs forwards as a living machine spewing dispair and misery. The whole is subtle, shifting between brutal and without compromise to haunting melodic sections (that banjo, whooooo). spotify:track:36eKOahqE8ILCGMvVBDsWa Om If I ever held an album high on a pedestool, it's this one. A defining record in huge, epic, atmospheric black metal with masterful writing. The whole albums listens like a world in itself, with recurring themes and atmospheres. spotify:track:3x70AjexU4TyUEK60mfNRY Collected A big best-of, re-mastered and done very well. Each track sounds fresh, deep and detailed and it only features the best song they have so. The flow of the album is a bit off, because it's all seperate tracks slapped together, but that's what a compilation is. So. spotify:track:2G0XuURX20SGszbzLwmyD8 Nord French post-black of stature. The crashing waves of Cult of Luna-esque post metal dwindle into hysterical and dark black metal blastings and chaos. Lovely! The only thing with this album is the length, it's 2 hours! While it's never boring, it can be overlong if you're not really in the mood. spotify:track:4lZU5ZBLC94MapM0DL5qKk Dragonheads Oh the cliche riffing and chanting, oh the tin-like drums, oh the cheesiness of the lyrics, oh the excitement and oh the memories. This brand of folk metal is often too cheesy for my taste, but this particular EP just does something for me. Maybe it was that vacation in Finland.. Origin