2000 spotify:track:532CXZ5NJFjhyQaRJkM86u Spirit The Earth Aflame Few albums have a more lasting impression then this one, it was my first real deep dive into blackmetal. I know every note and word by heart, even have a represation of the album cover tattooed on my arm. With this record, for me, "we have awoken, a new age has begun". spotify:track:4gDrS1LE8jj2mLGd0M7v40 He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms A smaller Godspeed makes for a more modest record (with equally long albumtitles). A sincere and tragic record which envelops as slow as possible by adding layers of radio-samples, tragic keys and strings. A desolate, lonely work. Magnificent. Salvage Dubbed 'the soundtrack of a coffee-bar in outer space', Salvage sets the standard for psychedelic chill-out with a jazzy feel.