1999 spotify:track:2Qn5PC5M9SVx2fRMUY4ArP Stronghold I feel like I can write this for any Summoning record, but I think this is the one I come back to the most. The gritty production is a '99 result so it's more 'real' and the tracks are just all of them so damn impressive and catchy. Whether it's a hook, a lyric or a specific instrumentation, each track has it's way of pulling me in deep, and in the air I dance on high, the loud music of the sky. Strijd 'For fans of Summoning and Urfaust', that's me! Though I can outrightly say that the low production value and horrible keyboard sections don't cut it for me. Sure this album is 18 years old and it was a different standard then, and I can appreciate that, but nowadays this is not for me. spotify:track:274Ph8JhWaRdeSQTjTngGn Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays Empyrium made the most depressive black metal without the black metal. All acoustic, dark and haunting tracks. Full of tales of woe, silent forests and snowy nights. Gives me goosebumps. spotify:track:5QFJQXKRRKpEumd5BE8raa 2001 Because my musical life (believe it or not) started with hip-hop, there is no denying this classic. One of the most influential hip-hop records ever, and rightly so. The doctor shows himself to be a master beatmaker, rapper and producer. spotify:track:0LeJXDSExP7GNx2BENy3gw Come On Die Young An older record when post-rock was still new and fresh. This is among the best of it's time, but since the explosion of the genre, the roots seem to slowly become less interesting, as we know now the full extend of possibilities. But that wouldn't have happened without records like these, so. spotify:track:11cM2j84l31y3o1AjGhsVh Pale Folklore A masterpiece which finally got it's well deserved remaster. Now with the production being clearer and having more depth, the epicness of the dark folk-black tales come to right even better.