Shoegaze spotify:track:3VuOy2PG8aIJAd0stK7sA3 Vigilance Perennial Falls of Rauros makes it known they have their own sound and stay true to it, and which each release the production value rises. Sadly though, the bone shivering haunting melodies tend to blur together as the best captivating songs are still found on their debut record. spotify:track:3z3Tt0qbzk9A5tzwG7t6Ia Amesoeurs 'A kaleidoscoping soundtrack for the modern era'. This record does away with all the nature-religion-folk in black metal, and goes straight for the hardships of urban life. Exquisite songwriting and production, sharp mix of pop and black metal. spotify:track:3NMwWr06oRjH22lpVe5iPF Mariner The post-masters of Cult of Luna team up with the crazy wife Julie Christmas and it works like a charm. Their deep and haunting post metal is met with the vocal marriage of the growls of Johannes and crazy screams of Julie, and boy does magic happen. spotify:track:0ZA9Zg4umQEzdB3Fv8qr4E New Bermuda With all the positive reviews around saying 'Much better then Sunbather!' I needed some time to warm up to this record. At first I didn't hear anything better then Sunbather, but after a while I saw it. A much more experienced, balanced and more aggressive take. Less colorful, extra intense. spotify:track:4qRUF7jsBbDSnRXQ9JSP32 +37​.​717364 // -117​.​247955: The Last Place I Remember Distorion-centered ambient release reminiscent of Agalloch's 'Ashes Against The Grain' closing piece. spotify:track:2zEAzaG53MeHeDo7yiVTSm Ecailles De Lune Ecailles de Lune is my favorite Alcest album, because it brings back that harsh Amesoeurs sound and combines it perfectly with the dreamy, almost ethereal shoegaze. The record sounds like the cover looks; a dark but magical night of unspoken tales.