Psychedelische rock spotify:track:0uI9FHBF2YEuZagLxq12BQ Dying Surfer Meets His Maker Damn fine example of desert blues. Expect ebbing guitars, wailing wah-wahs and the occasional sadboy ballad, all drenched in a thick layer of fuzzy atmosphere. spotify:track:6noO9CZ5n12LwPFKHPAttL Gumboot Soup With a few hours to spare they did it; release 5 albums in 2017. I was afraid the quantity might devalue the quality, but instead the band seems to get better and better while pushing themselves more and more. Gumboot Soup in short sounds like a comprehensive summary of the whole year of releases. spotify:track:1ci2IgrWh9EXboYW2c87eK Quarters A more 'flower-power' centric album which takes the sound of the '70s and puts it in the hands of these crazy aussies who (maybe unexpectedly) treat it with the uttermost respect and regard. spotify:track:6smzsf7Aif6WC5wONldBCq III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars There's much to say about The Devil's Blood but I only got 300 characters. So I'll say this: This is a solid record which proves their mastery of the musical arts, occult thematics, songwriting and production values. The occult 70s psychedelic rock hype is real. spotify:track:7gs2IIU3JHsEuiddUN1z9I Warble Womb Get sleazy and get stoned, cuz it's time for a Dead Meadow record. While songs tend to be less memorable in writing than Old Growth, the sound these guys produce is so iconic to their style, that more of the same is always better. Kick back and let the light shine thru. Dwellings spotify:track:6OZMrqnFk7mUqxq0zmnWT2 Old Growth This popped my cherry in the grungy stonerrock, and to this day it's one of my favourites. Songs dabble forth on a solid flow of fuzzy guitar and basslines, with vocals blurred out by a proper stoner who want's to tell you something, but doesn't really want to get up to do so. Lovely. spotify:track:42btDIERg5OcnhhhFG3a2a Technicians of the Sacred As it's cover, this album is a overproduced world of wonders to lose yourself in. Highly detailed layers of fizzy bleeps and bloops, staggering synths, bubbeling melodies and funky guitars. This is overproduction done right. spotify:track:5VGdNKACOF67HeXB5vKZWc Paper Mâché Dream Balloon King Gizzard does what it does and the Lizard Wizard pulls some magic out of a hat. An acoustic release features the classic Gizzard songwriting and catchy lyrics, but set in a rural 'playing with the family' kinda sound. It's an odd duck, but very fun to see. A Field In England: Re-imagined A limited RSD release, re-imagining of Jim William's OST for the film by the same title. The solemn horn in the opening, slowly growing to a ensemble of chilling dark ambient and soothing guitar melodies make for a interesting mix. Now I'll have to see and listen the original. spotify:track:5P45uwORnx0utUSmXmIVUZ Cigale A smooth and mellow record, oozing hope and desire. Extra tragic in the light of the frontman's suicide, but it feels like the celebration of the thinking man's mind. And I respect that. spotify:track:7fQgIaTVHxip9m7no6wwAc I’m In Your Mind Fuzz King Gizzard is in my mind. And it blew me, hard. This is one of the 'all-time-favourites' for it's immense energy, sheer fun and creativity that this album oozes out on every listen. Not to mention the insanely great stage performance of these guys. Benzaiten A unique mixture of world music, Japanese traditionals, progrock, ambient and jazz, from the 70s! It is truly a remarkable experience of music from the East, sadly Kitajima later fell into the cheesy eastern-new-age cliches. But at least this work is still out there, and it still resounds. spotify:track:2n2ob1ZcpU6qiLmcPuwoNS Master The first time I heard 'Reaper', I didn't know what was going on. Consider this my first real experience with psych-rock. Steady electro beats rave to hypnotize, building layer on layer of intensity and wonder. Note the exceptional horn sections. The Dawn Two Worlds Turn Blue Childhood’s End