Progressive Metal spotify:track:12Jtf7h291mPyoTOAHjda7 Monolith Impressive catchy songwriting with a lot of progressive hooks and breaks, and a special shout out to the sublime vocal(mix), massive amounts of care went in to each song and you hear the dedication. A melodic death/black band as there are few. In my opinion, they make Opeth look like pussies. spotify:track:5yan2Q1DdhdbocwlnUIzCV Drawing Circles By far my favorite 'math-metal' record ever. The sheer intensity and skewed groovy flow with awesome hardcore vocals is amazing. It's recorded, written and listens like a jigsaw puzzle that can dazzle a man. spotify:track:0TBClFs57X7ZvTRrcGuTPm Aesthethica Liturgy was (afaik) one of the first bands to brazenly expand the borders of brutal black metal and doing so by making it an exercise in Swans-like texturing and mathematical hypnotizing riffing. It's a record that will disturb you, and won't let you relax, but it is a masterpiece for it. spotify:track:3frjkX634GnJa3YJ0ht6Cp Winter Thrice I want to like this, since I always said there wasn't a Borknagar record that I don't love. But alas, here we are. Extra sad is that Garm (Ulver) is on in the vocals, so the dissapointment is bigger. The main problem is a lack of coherence in the vocals and all-over feel of the album. spotify:track:1SB58ZEohFIGGQlTzZI7Ou Death’s Design 61 tracks in 43 minutes. That's an achievement. And making it work like one big epic whole is an even bigger achievement. This album is highly underrated as it portraits masterful skill in storytelling through all kinds of dark metal. Truly an awe-inspiring endeavor. spotify:track:3gPQB7YHsVIoIE3OMHrPFk The Ruiner I find it hard to keep interested in hearing this chaotic marriage of post-metal and shrieking from our favorite crazy wife Julie Christmas. It's a blend of things better taken apart, and done better by others. Empricism Alaska