Post Rock spotify:track:6y1hWuNQjq0x4qqVqfpp1Q Dead Magic Haunting indie/blues/rock/noise. Especially the vocal performance on 'The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra' is so eeriely good, it pierces my nerves and shivers my spine. Who is she? Who is she to say goodbye?! spotify:track:5DMALvd1DmmWc3iVRSXlno A Natural Disaster Somewhere along their search for musical footing, Anathema made this post-rock gem with a heavy focus on it's fuzzy sound with clear, piercing vocals. An honest album to really be believed. spotify:track:6CsLzlm9cVD6BOf1aS4pFi Audio Noir The first proper full-length after years of touring on demos and a split-up of the band, and I can say it disappointing. It doesn't deliver on the dynamic, deep post-metal I'd come to expect. It has it's moments but is rather flat at the end of it. spotify:track:0LeJXDSExP7GNx2BENy3gw Come On Die Young An older record when post-rock was still new and fresh. This is among the best of it's time, but since the explosion of the genre, the roots seem to slowly become less interesting, as we know now the full extend of possibilities. But that wouldn't have happened without records like these, so. spotify:track:4gDrS1LE8jj2mLGd0M7v40 He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms A smaller Godspeed makes for a more modest record (with equally long albumtitles). A sincere and tragic record which envelops as slow as possible by adding layers of radio-samples, tragic keys and strings. A desolate, lonely work. Magnificent. spotify:track:6ebuGoR88P4o6QEqke6DGx LUX Part post-rock, part glitchy electronic with catchy hooks and beats. A dangerous mix, but EZ3kiel does it just right. The flow of the album, balancing the two sides of it, is just great. It makes the whole an interesting listen. The War Room Dive into history with a sweet mix of electro, post-rock and sampling somewhere in between Massive Attack and Godspeed, You Black Emperor! The creativity in using all kinds of elements and genres oozes over this album and results in a most promising EP.