Post Metal spotify:track:1MqggQYTi7hA55AUACOVMx Møl Jord does what Deafheaven does, but with a bit more dynamics in the songwriting. Expect colourful shredding guitars, pumping riffs and melodic breaks covered with gnarly screams. Every second of this record shows an idea, and most of them are very very interesting. spotify:track:4iTUrKGcxTojfTnldpAl3q Mass IV Amenra tears us a new one, comforts us afterwards, before pouring salt in the wounds. Its though love, but by god is it intense love. Intense, true, real raging pain, anguish and spite. A mighty impressive record. spotify:track:0tmI4RWcyIUU1U5K6UA5HM The Forever Ending Jitter Quest of Slow Hand Chuckle Walker: An Introduction To The Manatee Ah, it must be post-metal for that length of title. And it is, exquisite at that. Manatees play/are slow and heavy but with the right momentum to groove and blast when needed. The record stretches over five parts which all have their own feeling and still keep to an overall heavy and brutal sound. spotify:track:0XksOvuxu75wAj46mZlD6u Noir One of the first encounters I had with postmetal. The mysterious, heavy sound does the title justice. Callisto incorporates shards of jazz to add to the overall tone of the album. The vocals are deep, the production is solid and the album varies enough to keep you interested till the end and repeat. Path of Eight A heavy focus on the concept behind the album, which didn't really do it any good. Find it hard to keep myself interested, though there are some nice riffs. But progmetal with clean vox isn't what I search for in the Mouth of the Architect. spotify:track:3z3Tt0qbzk9A5tzwG7t6Ia Amesoeurs 'A kaleidoscoping soundtrack for the modern era'. This record does away with all the nature-religion-folk in black metal, and goes straight for the hardships of urban life. Exquisite songwriting and production, sharp mix of pop and black metal. spotify:track:6CsLzlm9cVD6BOf1aS4pFi Audio Noir The first proper full-length after years of touring on demos and a split-up of the band, and I can say it disappointing. It doesn't deliver on the dynamic, deep post-metal I'd come to expect. It has it's moments but is rather flat at the end of it. spotify:track:1cZtzz1ABGq6XGC21cCb0p Somewhere Along The Highway My deflowering in post metal is this gem. A rusty gem, with sharp corners that'll cut you. The album ploughs forwards as a living machine spewing dispair and misery. The whole is subtle, shifting between brutal and without compromise to haunting melodic sections (that banjo, whooooo). spotify:track:3NMwWr06oRjH22lpVe5iPF Mariner The post-masters of Cult of Luna team up with the crazy wife Julie Christmas and it works like a charm. Their deep and haunting post metal is met with the vocal marriage of the growls of Johannes and crazy screams of Julie, and boy does magic happen. spotify:track:2G0XuURX20SGszbzLwmyD8 Nord French post-black of stature. The crashing waves of Cult of Luna-esque post metal dwindle into hysterical and dark black metal blastings and chaos. Lovely! The only thing with this album is the length, it's 2 hours! While it's never boring, it can be overlong if you're not really in the mood. spotify:track:0ZA9Zg4umQEzdB3Fv8qr4E New Bermuda With all the positive reviews around saying 'Much better then Sunbather!' I needed some time to warm up to this record. At first I didn't hear anything better then Sunbather, but after a while I saw it. A much more experienced, balanced and more aggressive take. Less colorful, extra intense. spotify:track:3c8a3Zc5cceRSDYusbNXG3 The Collective As an instrumental post-metal band you have to balance all the ingredients just right to keep it interesting. The Collective takes the easy path by staying at the core of the genre, but it also fails to leave an impression while doing nothing wrong. The Grey EP One of the less successfull EPs Agalloch has done. It features two 'dismantled' tracks from Pale Folklore. These are 'abstracted' as in turned to a grey mess of noisy soundscapes and drones. Fun lil' excercise might be, but not too interesting to listen to. Ótta Tekeli-Li spotify:track:0lsQuGo2JWYRHV1ZKxDstt Roads To The North Panopticon sets the bar for expanding black metal horizons with this Kentucky-blues hybrid. Highly melodic, intense and utterly creative songwriting. The only downside is the bit muddled production, but that also shines the light on the clearer acoustic parts, so all is well! spotify:track:2zEAzaG53MeHeDo7yiVTSm Ecailles De Lune Ecailles de Lune is my favorite Alcest album, because it brings back that harsh Amesoeurs sound and combines it perfectly with the dreamy, almost ethereal shoegaze. The record sounds like the cover looks; a dark but magical night of unspoken tales. Vertikal