Pop spotify:track:7axv9iAIPHyCW23IfxFwpk Trein Vuur Dageraad Spinvis takes another swing at making happy music, he's sure he'll get it one day. Today though, we get uplifting tunes as a celebration of everyday life and strive. Albums like these speak to the magic of the mundane, I like that. spotify:track:7pB7najNNjp8KvBDcmb1YO The Assassination of Julius Ceasar I respect Ulver in their high quality endeavours through which ever genre they do, and this record is of the same high quality. But after listening to it intensely, I find that the suspense and atmosphere of Ulver is ever present but the glossy '80s pop topping does ruin it for me a bit. spotify:track:5j7LnPfID0DCpvVAXm0YDX After The Rain Clouds Go J-Pop, say what now? Yeah, got my fingers in a lot of pies. Sometimes I enjoy the Japanese pop weirdness and Akeboshi is my go-to guy 'cause he flirts with the psychedelic pop of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Overall this album is way too sugary sweet and the production is too polished. spotify:track:3IL43TRkEnh4buGOZ1Brb5 Ruins This wasn't at all what I expected. The first track 'Made of Metal' on 'Ruins' with a black cover would suggest something heavy. Not a piano-laden, modest singer-songwriter record. That said, it still is a lovely record with a lot of depth and feeling in the sounds. spotify:track:1uoLxfaYLm5jaJPRZxAiHy Nie voe kinders Wannes did it again, a wayward blues-pop-americana-folk record with a fragile sound and heavy heart. He sounds true, bare and personal. spotify:track:55Wm3y6wUy5xS1thd0Zial Floating into the night Nice dream-pop that is unmistakably recorded in the 80s. Don't let the 80s cheese fool you though. Julee has some crazy ideas and hidden in this album are some of the most early roots of the modern day freak folk. spotify:track:45vL5B4dDv4pcExel8K0hs Wondrous Bughouse Heard this as a soundtrack and it worked for me. On record though, it's a little too much 'look at me I can do MGMT too!'. It has it's moments, but I tend to lose interest quickly. Repave