Neo Folk spotify:track:2PDViAAeAurSJyCD3BPiEv Folk Aesthetic (1996-2006) Ah the glorious collection of the most enchanting twisted dark folk act Tenhi. Songs come in all sorts, shapes and sizes, from crappy tape production to fully fledged studio material. Eitherway I need it all. spotify:track:62ionmZcmGW5LOLUy0FCGq The White It's hard for me to write about this album, because I tend to experience this record as a spiritual endeavor. It sound is so alive, it's evolving while you hear it. This is a window into another world. A world subtle melodies and woe. spotify:track:0Nty4pNlgYbthtcvXS5KJD A Piece for Mind & Mirror Seeing Skuggsjá (Wardruna & Enslaved) perform live was a real privilege, since it wasn't really supposed to be more then a one time thing. The record that wasn't supposed to be made is here now and it's a proper reflection of the project. Deep folk and roaring folk-black metal. spotify:track:41xDLZsRqlHlc93Zwur591 Dauðra Dura Forndom does what Wardruna does; make a historical connection to the Viking-spirituals back in the day. The difference, however, is that Forndom takes a slow pacing and deep, calm sounds to tell the tale, where Wardruna tends to explode into epic showdowns. Mietteitä The Finnish folk project with potential, were forgotten for 8 years. Till now, and I'm sad to say, it's lost it's shine. The sole instrumentation sounds forced and missing the atmosphere of the earlier records. Sad, because I really, really wanted this to be amazing.. Runaljod – Yggdrasil The Turn Of The Tides Origin Split ,