Minimal spotify:track:5nT5pi9cEqW8zmEZjoEHkw Teachings In Silence A masterfully crafted work of twisting and dark ambient. Using all kinds of apparatus and devices, Ulver crafts twisting melodies and gloomy soundscapes to an artform. spotify:track:582kzCKNbdxuni6rbEhWEe Weval Downtempo-tech-house-electronica from Amsterdam. The first full-length after a promising EP, and boy does it deliver. It's a most relaxing record with soft beats, subtle instrumentation and enough good inspiration to make it last. spotify:track:5PV6r93MQICDlBiCEbURLZ Space Is Only Noise Nicolas Jaar is a modern day Mozart in electronic music. He uses sounds to paint pictures and to tell a story. Not with melodies or lyrics per-se, but with a mindset, a whiff of a surreal situation, a memory. Prisms