Melodic Metal spotify:track:12Jtf7h291mPyoTOAHjda7 Monolith Impressive catchy songwriting with a lot of progressive hooks and breaks, and a special shout out to the sublime vocal(mix), massive amounts of care went in to each song and you hear the dedication. A melodic death/black band as there are few. In my opinion, they make Opeth look like pussies. spotify:track:0HmI8iKZLpa69G4MuNATBN Believe In No Coming Shore An exercise in melancholy of misty mountains and foggy shores. Calm, deep, intense with great writing and production, but not as memorable as it's predecessor. spotify:track:6nJrRlodtzLccWCke56P1H In The Halls Of Awaiting I hold this one with high regard because it's the first record that really pulled me into the darker territories of metal. In hindsight the production is pretty hollow and the songwriting a tad cliche, but this is definitely MY cliche! spotify:track:10Q34sF2qmP4BqM2Bb06h4 Silent Waters A strange but becoming marriage between almost-pop-songs, power metal and fierce screams and growls makes this album pop-out in freshness. spotify:track:1cQXDosKkPHAZVi7YWYX15 Litourgiya Batushka is bringing back the gimmicks big time, by bells, church choirs and nasty Polish black metal. Remnant of Graveworm, but with a better focus on interesting riffing and production. spotify:track:1ljNNRtqLD9PeIN4ydjwPt Moonlover Ghost Bath is in on the major -scale chaos game. Like Deafheaven they paint a brutal but colorful picture. They even tend to take it over the top with some almost poppy soloing, and the vocals tend to lack impact. Good sound, but I've heard better expressions of it. spotify:track:4lZU5ZBLC94MapM0DL5qKk Dragonheads Oh the cliche riffing and chanting, oh the tin-like drums, oh the cheesiness of the lyrics, oh the excitement and oh the memories. This brand of folk metal is often too cheesy for my taste, but this particular EP just does something for me. Maybe it was that vacation in Finland.. spotify:track:0ZA9Zg4umQEzdB3Fv8qr4E New Bermuda With all the positive reviews around saying 'Much better then Sunbather!' I needed some time to warm up to this record. At first I didn't hear anything better then Sunbather, but after a while I saw it. A much more experienced, balanced and more aggressive take. Less colorful, extra intense. spotify:track:3c8a3Zc5cceRSDYusbNXG3 The Collective As an instrumental post-metal band you have to balance all the ingredients just right to keep it interesting. The Collective takes the easy path by staying at the core of the genre, but it also fails to leave an impression while doing nothing wrong. spotify:track:63n1Nbb39T4sdVF9mPz8XA Hammer Of The Witches Sorry, but no. I'm still not convinced. I'm still not in overproduced poppy deathmetal to sell backpack patches to goth schoolgirls. This is not my cup of tea and probably never will be. I can hear these are decent musicians with proper skill, but it's not for me. spotify:track:11cM2j84l31y3o1AjGhsVh Pale Folklore A masterpiece which finally got it's well deserved remaster. Now with the production being clearer and having more depth, the epicness of the dark folk-black tales come to right even better. spotify:track:0hZO4cUaAEVwkrjszvzdid Kivenkantaja If I have to pick a favorite Moonsorrow record, this is it. A big, layered production sets the tone and atmosphere for thick viking-metal riffing and amazing vocals. It's epic in all the right ways and keeps interesting to the end. The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand At War With Reality Lost To The Living