Krautrock spotify:track:6noO9CZ5n12LwPFKHPAttL Gumboot Soup With a few hours to spare they did it; release 5 albums in 2017. I was afraid the quantity might devalue the quality, but instead the band seems to get better and better while pushing themselves more and more. Gumboot Soup in short sounds like a comprehensive summary of the whole year of releases. spotify:track:5Z4SgEuauwY3g07FcLfYbk Inform – Educate – Entertain Can't win 'em all. After a astoundingly promising EP, PSB drifts forth in more of the same with less focus. This first full-length is essentially the succesful sound of the EP, but stretched across so many themes it lacks coherence. The record isn't bad, it could've been better. spotify:track:7pB7najNNjp8KvBDcmb1YO The Assassination of Julius Ceasar I respect Ulver in their high quality endeavours through which ever genre they do, and this record is of the same high quality. But after listening to it intensely, I find that the suspense and atmosphere of Ulver is ever present but the glossy '80s pop topping does ruin it for me a bit. A Field In England: Re-imagined A limited RSD release, re-imagining of Jim William's OST for the film by the same title. The solemn horn in the opening, slowly growing to a ensemble of chilling dark ambient and soothing guitar melodies make for a interesting mix. Now I'll have to see and listen the original. spotify:track:2n2ob1ZcpU6qiLmcPuwoNS Master The first time I heard 'Reaper', I didn't know what was going on. Consider this my first real experience with psych-rock. Steady electro beats rave to hypnotize, building layer on layer of intensity and wonder. Note the exceptional horn sections.