Hip-Hop spotify:track:0p8Jbs53i5XjDcUaXVuZVv Furious Angels Rob Dougan is hurt, and he's mad, and he's got the tools to translate that into jazzy filmscore music. A raw voice with catchy hooks, makes for a formidable record. On multiple spins it becomes clear that all the classical instrumentation is 'fake', but in the trip-hop roots that shouldn't bother. spotify:track:5QFJQXKRRKpEumd5BE8raa 2001 Because my musical life (believe it or not) started with hip-hop, there is no denying this classic. One of the most influential hip-hop records ever, and rightly so. The doctor shows himself to be a master beatmaker, rapper and producer. Compton Hip-hop nowadays is out of my reach. Albums are stuffed with feats and beats jumping all over the place and cramming every corner of each track. It's all too glossy and commercialized. Sad, because somewhere in there you hear the potential of yesteryear. spotify:track:6PmqCw22rKTF2sFZhghyIS Midnite Sometimes I take trips down memory lane and take a whiff of the hip-hop scene. Dope D.O.D's Bloodshake introduced me to Salmo, Italian rapper. A language shown to be made for fast rapping. This album is brimming with energy and nice flows. It's gonna be hard to sit still. spotify:track:1ZudK7i5m0PsODaPBbLO54 Devils Night Devils Night is another records lodged in my youth and is still highly regarded by the scene. And understandably so, the tracks are diverse, the flows are creative and the total team of 6 top notch rappers play together very well to serve up a whole gala of tasty hip-hop and rap. spotify:track:3lHgzWldOGilCsOh6zPGRF Nooit Meer Terug There's a lot to say about Fresku, he made an heartfelt album to get out of his mess, giving off on 'the scene'. Now he's king of it, and all later releases keep coming back to that issue, he's real , in your face and honest about it. Sadly, as an album there are quite some instant-skips on here. spotify:track:5saTbIlLgvaFMobR5SjjjX Angels This has to be the DLSvSP release with the most hitters on there. Every single track is filled with creative beatmaking, phenomenal spoken-word poetry and a clear voice to channel ideas. This is hip-hop in the purest form. It isn't about bitches and money, but about creative development. spotify:track:79gl0tvYEoUrId7VeBYVIg Repent, Replenish, Repeat The last DLSvSP record before they parted ways, and thank god I was there on the final tour in a sweaty hiphop bar, to bounce along the darkest tracks they've made so far. Very personal, very bitter and angry. I like. √ (Racine Carrée) Distraction Pieces Maskerade Studiotijd