Folk Metal spotify:track:1bIKWCtkPqMtkt3i2Gi6kK With Doom We Come Summoning does as Summoning is. No need to expect groundbreaking material, but no fan wants that. We want Summoning to be the sure footing in a rapid changing blackmetal scene. More of the same epic Tolkien metal. Some most memorable songs of their discography and some more than welcome filler. spotify:track:1fMk6lOYtCJ3jnhYJ0S4sF Versus The World After all these years, no matter how cliche and/or cheesy, I hold this album with regard. It's what introduced me to folkmetal as a genre and is still relevant as the blueprint of what the genre is. spotify:track:10Q34sF2qmP4BqM2Bb06h4 Silent Waters A strange but becoming marriage between almost-pop-songs, power metal and fierce screams and growls makes this album pop-out in freshness. spotify:track:2JRvamzTwF8WtJ71MPhIIc Battle Metal Battle Metal set the bar for, well, battle metal. The most bombastic, symphonic and strangely upbeat but still very br00tal release in years. So, fucking, catchy! BATTLE! METAL! spotify:track:6X8ApLX51CoWAqQH2SSoJr Sagas Equilibrium did it. They made a solid debut album, raising the bar in layered sound and production value for folk metal, and then they raised it again with this sequel to it. The record is even more alive, intense, powerful and oddly cheerful. spotify:track:6IkTBaVaWjxN18iVeOS13R The Mantle Agalloch's most prolific folk record. To this day, it's a high water mark for the folk black metal scene. It sets the right tone with subtle humming keys, sharp acoustic melodies and layers of foreboding distortion. It's full of atmosphere but thank god there is a remaster! spotify:track:4O9ohNd5VZI18FDr3s8nzn In Times Enslaved are good at what they do, and not afraid to do different things. This is a good thing and I can appreciate the band for it, but this album is too power/proggy for me, and the black vox that it has, don't really suit me. spotify:track:0Nty4pNlgYbthtcvXS5KJD A Piece for Mind & Mirror Seeing Skuggsjá (Wardruna & Enslaved) perform live was a real privilege, since it wasn't really supposed to be more then a one time thing. The record that wasn't supposed to be made is here now and it's a proper reflection of the project. Deep folk and roaring folk-black metal. spotify:track:3frjkX634GnJa3YJ0ht6Cp Winter Thrice I want to like this, since I always said there wasn't a Borknagar record that I don't love. But alas, here we are. Extra sad is that Garm (Ulver) is on in the vocals, so the dissapointment is bigger. The main problem is a lack of coherence in the vocals and all-over feel of the album. spotify:track:7mIoFZy27ZXVu9ahFy1O0i Aria Of Vernal Tombs It's a whole other take on the folk side of black metal where the elements don't blend but compliment eachother in a fenomenal way. One equal part classical harp goes great with solid, melodic mid-tempo blackness. spotify:track:16yev7Mp70hgyvOazm7fiK Redemption At The Puritans Hand Everything Primordial does feels like an epic stature of pride and power, and 'Redemption' is no different. Solid songwriting, production and (sadly) scarce use of harsh vocals. The second part of the album isn't as memorable as the first. spotify:track:4lZU5ZBLC94MapM0DL5qKk Dragonheads Oh the cliche riffing and chanting, oh the tin-like drums, oh the cheesiness of the lyrics, oh the excitement and oh the memories. This brand of folk metal is often too cheesy for my taste, but this particular EP just does something for me. Maybe it was that vacation in Finland.. spotify:track:0f7USoxyTkbbnz7oENxb0p De Gjenlevende The opening of this album is so amazingly catchy and full of interesting and creative ideas, you'd expect to be let down by the rest of the album. That's the charm of this one; it keeps 'm coming! Though the first few songs are definitely stuck in my head the most, the rest of it isn't sold short. spotify:track:11cM2j84l31y3o1AjGhsVh Pale Folklore A masterpiece which finally got it's well deserved remaster. Now with the production being clearer and having more depth, the epicness of the dark folk-black tales come to right even better. spotify:track:5mEoi7jz5j9oWXW9XSscKD Against This Weald A beautiful, compact ode to the atmospheric folk black metal. Omnious as Wolves In The Throneroom, with the epicness of Moonsorrow in a quality production. The quality of songwriiting and production overall gives me goosebumps. I wholeheartedly support passion like this! spotify:track:0hZO4cUaAEVwkrjszvzdid Kivenkantaja If I have to pick a favorite Moonsorrow record, this is it. A big, layered production sets the tone and atmosphere for thick viking-metal riffing and amazing vocals. It's epic in all the right ways and keeps interesting to the end. spotify:track:5cgpsZHqPMr0sFHinDfsRy The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood The most stunning debut of this atmospheric blackmetal outfit. Dark, depressing, mystical, eerie and overall hauntingly beautiful. The atmosphere on this record knows no equal, the solos are solid and the whole gives me goosebumps every fucking time I hear it. Urd Batavi Old Mornings Dawn