Doom Metal spotify:track:73wUDH27fFghbzO7gsQe4o Galgenfrist Ghoulish-blackend-dungeon-funeral-doom that sounds like it's oozing from dark and desolate depths from inside a mirky and haunted forest. Not so much songs but more shaped soundscapes made to infer sorrow and a very creepy haunting atmosphere. spotify:track:7nxtZrbhyjI8R0VLq0XEO1 Mirror Reaper (Funeral) Doom isn't easy, and taking on a 80+ min track isn't always a good idea. Bell Witch however, were able to stretch the slow looming doom and made it so goddamn enjoyable to listen that I almost want it to be longer. Fleeting melodies, crushing guitars, contemplation and the real feels. Damn spotify:track:4iTUrKGcxTojfTnldpAl3q Mass IV Amenra tears us a new one, comforts us afterwards, before pouring salt in the wounds. Its though love, but by god is it intense love. Intense, true, real raging pain, anguish and spite. A mighty impressive record. spotify:track:0gVTkPr4Xi8yV0evq7ekpg Below the House There is something truly captivating to this record. It sounds so personal, so true and honest. If you let it, it will take you away to a cold, dim and desolate place on even the hottest day. Magnificent sludge/black that comes from the heart and speaks to yours. spotify:track:3IWS0nL3CWefCrpremoDUJ Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light The last album made before the ironic death of singer David Gold. His death gives the album even more feeling, depth and personality. Depressive blackened doom. spotify:track:3DHtILSNfGgKnUD2imndgf More Constant Than the Gods SubRosa is known to be a exciting, diverse doom-metal act with spectacular live shows. And yes, the live show at Roadburn did impress very deeply, but this record just can't. Mostly for the sake of the vocals, they sound flat and without the reach they need and it dampens the music. Shame though. Uur / Endless Floods , Strechted doom metal with clean vocals. A Dutch/French split with mostly the same ingredients. It sounds just fine for doom metal, but I can't say I'm a big doom fan. spotify:track:2z4X47ZuDmPTrHYI1HMHBb Clean Hands Go Foul Khanate is a unique piece of work. It sounds like a band dying in the studio and recording every last bit of it. Prepare to not be swayed away by layers of noise, but rather be thrown into a bathtub of rusty razors and salt. This is meant to hurt. spotify:track:2G0XuURX20SGszbzLwmyD8 Nord French post-black of stature. The crashing waves of Cult of Luna-esque post metal dwindle into hysterical and dark black metal blastings and chaos. Lovely! The only thing with this album is the length, it's 2 hours! While it's never boring, it can be overlong if you're not really in the mood. spotify:track:1cQXDosKkPHAZVi7YWYX15 Litourgiya Batushka is bringing back the gimmicks big time, by bells, church choirs and nasty Polish black metal. Remnant of Graveworm, but with a better focus on interesting riffing and production. Lost To The Living Foundations Of Burden Sorrow and Extinction Tekeli-Li