Death Metal

Timewave Zero What Wolves in the Throneroom's Celestite did for black metal, Timewave Zero is a space-ambient album by a death metal band. It starts and builds anticipation with layered tension rising from quiet depths, pulling the listener along to what might happen, but eventually nothing really pops off and the album just keeps on meandering. Sounds nice, expected a bit more spotify:track:2vjoV2tKJMfhLCPjPa9dWt Death Atlas I never really was a big fan of death metal, but Cattle Decapitation is turning my head (ha!). Especially the alt-style of singing this vocalist does, combined with those relentless agressive but still groovy riffs and blasting drums, I love it. Especially the embedded track! spotify:track:12Jtf7h291mPyoTOAHjda7 Monolith Impressive catchy songwriting with a lot of progressive hooks and breaks, and a special shout out to the sublime vocal(mix), massive amounts of care went in to each song and you hear the dedication. A melodic death/black band as there are few. In my opinion, they make Opeth look like pussies. spotify:track:5F7zL7ICE5PCVosxzkcxeG Harvest While Pariah was a testament of pure hatred and fury, Harvest seems to be the following sadboy period. The tracks are less sharp, the vocals are less stingy, the whole album has a 'woe me' feel about it and it lacks the dangerous punch Pariah packed. The only track that shines is the titletrack. spotify:track:7AAhTVkiRA1SppqGAovLVJ Pariah 'Behold the end of the human era'. Roaring, spiteful and venomous blackend deathmetal. Prepare to get blasted with razorsharp songs filled with hate for entire mankind that are stangely melodic/catchy and fun to listen to! spotify:track:6nJrRlodtzLccWCke56P1H In The Halls Of Awaiting I hold this one with high regard because it's the first record that really pulled me into the darker territories of metal. In hindsight the production is pretty hollow and the songwriting a tad cliche, but this is definitely MY cliche! spotify:track:1fMk6lOYtCJ3jnhYJ0S4sF Versus The World After all these years, no matter how cliche and/or cheesy, I hold this album with regard. It's what introduced me to folkmetal as a genre and is still relevant as the blueprint of what the genre is. spotify:track:15opwafOw0Q58TYZYtUdfO Seraphical Euphony AMG hailed this as a pure brand masterpiece, and I can see why. It does a lot, from black metal structuring to deathmetal riffing, folk interludes etc. But it's all done too well to my taste; it's too polished, shiny and produced for my ears. spotify:track:2GQzkktWAhcZOptFwlJYhe IV – One With The Storm Unlike Galar's 'Gjenlevende', Ghost Brigade opens with a solid track, but tends to fuck up the rest. It starts with some pretty good epic melo-death, but lingers on in Godsmack-esque emo hardrock :/ tf. spotify:track:63n1Nbb39T4sdVF9mPz8XA Hammer Of The Witches Sorry, but no. I'm still not convinced. I'm still not in overproduced poppy deathmetal to sell backpack patches to goth schoolgirls. This is not my cup of tea and probably never will be. I can hear these are decent musicians with proper skill, but it's not for me. The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand Blood Mantra At War With Reality