Chill-out / Lounge spotify:track:51IDFtT9jWSZtXwBkUVPoR Echo Other There is never a shortage of downtempo chill-out, but this record by Australian All India Radio sticks out. Genuinely crafted 'real instrumented' melodies blend with soothing pads and some light electronic beats in such a way that gives a coherent vibe that never gets boring or stale. spotify:track:0BInKTLLdeZRHbiq2kXnS3 Codex VI With the 6th installment of the original trilogy Shpongle shows they still got the mojo. Less generic samples and sounds, a more solid bass foundation and overal crazy fun production and some daring takes in genre mixes while staying true to the Shpongolese spirit. Darn fun! spotify:track:34rImtGTgxCP8gUgwi9x0j Elements Soothing downtempo ambient/electro from Russia. Remnant of Abakus and Tycho, Fjordwalker is able to sculpt soundscapes with high production value and incorporate memorable chill-out beats to the mix. Wouldn't mind seeing this at The Cathedral of Chill @ OZORA. spotify:track:5vObHdyGBZ0k4BzMHCqRkP Earthshine I love Solar Fields. Especially his spaced out ambient-soundscape paintings of the universe I have had the honor to see live a few times. But there is another side to this guy; the boom-tsjk-boom of psytrance. I like that, but when I'm at a festival, not at home with my headphones. spotify:track:5ULRFVs1lXgBAbIdThbgY8 Vesica Piscis This is just a very nice exercise in dual-hang-playing, live recorded and dressed with ambient noises to make a relaxing and easy flowing chill record. The hang is a magical instrument, and this album is one where they come out like just that. spotify:track:3SpXpcG603AqfxhJ6l4uzk Smokers Delight Smokers Delight, we know what time it is. Fire up them bowls and kick back once again for a smooth setting of jazzy dub, triphop and reggae. spotify:track:4JkgZJ4N5kwQPbsQuY6iX0 No Hassle 'No Hassle' does the record justice. Sit down for a 2 hour spin of downtempo mellow beeps and bloops, with a flair of jazz and a whiff of trip-hop. The length of albums like these aren't a problem (see Nord), because it's suited best in the back of your mind. Doesn't require attention. Salvage Dubbed 'the soundtrack of a coffee-bar in outer space', Salvage sets the standard for psychedelic chill-out with a jazzy feel. spotify:track:6uswws5UiNHy5MsjMQ0uZh The Orbserver in the Star House , A weird marriage, between The Orb and LSP, but there is no denying reggae and chill-out go together like cake and icing. Sadly the beats on this album have too much 'pep in their step' to really be relaxing, and LSP performance doesn't do it justice. Two Worlds That Much Closer To The Sun