Summoning is a stronghold in Tolkien-blackmetal. You could say they _are_ Tolkien blackmetal. The entire sound and aesthetic of the band could be, in any other instance, summed up as immensly cheesy and low quality. But Summoning is different. Yes, if you see their artwork, shirts, logo's and everything you'd probably not think much of it. When you hear a track for the first time you probably think they're joking. What is this? Some cheesy keyboard crap?

No. This is serious. And this is immense. Summoning take this aesthetic and they run with it. They take the lo-fi and they take the cheese and like absolute masters they create art from it that is withstanding throughout the ages. Everything you hear and see is a deliberate choice and if you allow it to speak to you for even a little, you will feel the urge to follow them into the woods.

Woods in where you will encounter dark magic, foul times and glory in death. They get all the elements just right in such a way that when you close your eyes you see. You see the forgotten kings in fallen kingdoms, you can smell the death on the horizon, you can feel the otherworldly presence in the forests.
There is absolutely no band like Summoning. And there will never be. Period. spotify:track:2Qn5PC5M9SVx2fRMUY4ArP Stronghold I feel like I can write this for any Summoning record, but I think this is the one I come back to the most. The gritty production is a '99 result so it's more 'real' and the tracks are just all of them so damn impressive and catchy. Whether it's a hook, a lyric or a specific instrumentation, each track has it's way of pulling me in deep, and in the air I dance on high, the loud music of the sky. spotify:track:1bIKWCtkPqMtkt3i2Gi6kK With Doom We Come Summoning does as Summoning is. No need to expect groundbreaking material, but no fan wants that. We want Summoning to be the sure footing in a rapid changing blackmetal scene. More of the same epic Tolkien metal. Some most memorable songs of their discography and some more than welcome filler. spotify:track:3Q8f483u8qWPzK0niR2Yu7 Lost Tales Summoning made me fall in love with the whole dungeonsynth/blackmetal universe and this 'non-metal' EP serves as one of my favorite cheesy dungeonsynths ever. I wish it was longer than just these two tracks spotify:track:4N1c7TO5M4Zm1o5M9gyVKi Oath Bound Most epic blackness, ripping out the darkest depths of the Tolkien universe, we get to hear a symphonic, roaring soundtrack of the underworld. Every song is slow to mid-tempo but somehow very intense in it's delivery. Old Mornings Dawn