Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting is a fun and original band, using old radio samples, light electronics, krautrock and added atmosphere from banjos and keys for maximum effect. Their first EP 'The War Room' blew me away for inspired use of radio broadcastings from the war as a perfect lead for brooding, melancholic but also hopeful and rather colorful sound. I managed to catch a gig of them in the Batcave (yeah, capacity like 35) for free on a random weekday. It was -amazing-. The follow-up tried to apply this formula over all sorts of themes and settings, but ended up feeling a bit unhinged. After that they release a few more albums with more specific thematics, but I've yet to hear those properly. spotify:track:5Z4SgEuauwY3g07FcLfYbk Inform – Educate – Entertain Can't win 'em all. After a astoundingly promising EP, PSB drifts forth in more of the same with less focus. This first full-length is essentially the succesful sound of the EP, but stretched across so many themes it lacks coherence. The record isn't bad, it could've been better. The War Room Dive into history with a sweet mix of electro, post-rock and sampling somewhere in between Massive Attack and Godspeed, You Black Emperor! The creativity in using all kinds of elements and genres oozes over this album and results in a most promising EP.