La Dispute

It's been a while since I've been so hyped for a new musical genre. The genre in question is "… described as playing jazz, blues and spoken word influenced, post-hardcore which incorporates elements which range through screamo, progressive rock, post-rock and hardcore punk.".

Where metal music usually quiets down and swells up to an intense and loud cresendo, La Dispute pulls the rug from out under your expectations and can have deafening silence. Intense buildups to a single horn or a soft whisper of lyrics. And damn it is intense.

I really like the songwriting and combo with the semi hardcore-spoken word vocals. It is a sound unique to this band as far as I know. spotify:track:4EsNQcdsHv2IzLmSHPku5Q Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair It's been a while since I was this hyped for a (to me) relatively new genre of spoken-word-jazz-infused-post-hardcore from La Dispute. Their new album is coming soon and I have had the singles on repeat. So to satisfy the needs, diving into the back catalogue. This one is a bit more hardcore and loosely based on a concept. It isn't as captivating as the new singles, but it showcases a very unique sound.