"No band swirls chaos and beauty quite like Fluisteraars, none know how to whip up such a blinding maelstrom and then soar above it to such blissful heights." spotify:track:5lhmyKnfEJdgY57uk5FXRo Bloem It's no secret by now that I absolutely love everything these guys do, and their newest album Bloem is no different; taking another small stap towards the more melodic with even incorperating horn sections and choirs. The melodies on this record give me goosebumps without holding back on the blastbeats. This is what a man needs. spotify:track:3G6GyqFWk4N2n3fMQ1dZuC De Oord , De Oord is a short but intense split demonstrating both bands finest work to date. Bleak but groovy riffs supported by menacing blastbeats and spine-chilling screams telling a tales of two rivers. The fact that two rivers can inspire such masterpieces is telling for the creative force in both bands. spotify:track:6yvb5KRL6HBp89EXUJDa7i Dromers A solid demo/EP of a promising band. Opening with a trashy riff that just before it get's old, shifts into new varieties of the melody, adding texture and layers to the song. Fluisteraar show they have the means to keep a monotone 16 minute song interesting after just a few minutes. Wholly promising spotify:track:4qa4DA9LBxtCEHas4fy09P Luwte Fluisteraars is one of the premium Dutch black metal acts (IMHO), and while they do nothing revolutionary, what they do, they do with great care and passion. Solid riffing, melodic tremolo and very good vocals. Tracks tend to be a tad overlong but each one has enough variety to keep it interesting.