Falls Of Rauros spotify:track:3VuOy2PG8aIJAd0stK7sA3 Vigilance Perennial Falls of Rauros makes it known they have their own sound and stay true to it, and which each release the production value rises. Sadly though, the bone shivering haunting melodies tend to blur together as the best captivating songs are still found on their debut record. spotify:track:0HmI8iKZLpa69G4MuNATBN Believe In No Coming Shore An exercise in melancholy of misty mountains and foggy shores. Calm, deep, intense with great writing and production, but not as memorable as it's predecessor. spotify:track:5cgpsZHqPMr0sFHinDfsRy The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood The most stunning debut of this atmospheric blackmetal outfit. Dark, depressing, mystical, eerie and overall hauntingly beautiful. The atmosphere on this record knows no equal, the solos are solid and the whole gives me goosebumps every fucking time I hear it.