Deafheaven spotify:track:6saVnhFqQ2270dJBveTCha Sunbather There is a lot to be said about Deafheaven, and I don't care about it at all. Sunbather blew me away and will continue to do so. The sheer power and atrocities on this record, filled in with bright colors and major scales melodies in contrast with the fierce screams raise the hairs on my arms. spotify:track:0ZA9Zg4umQEzdB3Fv8qr4E New Bermuda With all the positive reviews around saying 'Much better then Sunbather!' I needed some time to warm up to this record. At first I didn't hear anything better then Sunbather, but after a while I saw it. A much more experienced, balanced and more aggressive take. Less colorful, extra intense.