Dead Meadow spotify:track:7gs2IIU3JHsEuiddUN1z9I Warble Womb Get sleazy and get stoned, cuz it's time for a Dead Meadow record. While songs tend to be less memorable in writing than Old Growth, the sound these guys produce is so iconic to their style, that more of the same is always better. Kick back and let the light shine thru. spotify:track:6OZMrqnFk7mUqxq0zmnWT2 Old Growth This popped my cherry in the grungy stonerrock, and to this day it's one of my favourites. Songs dabble forth on a solid flow of fuzzy guitar and basslines, with vocals blurred out by a proper stoner who want's to tell you something, but doesn't really want to get up to do so. Lovely.