2009 spotify:track:73wUDH27fFghbzO7gsQe4o Galgenfrist ()

Ghoulish-blackend-dungeon-funeral-doom that sounds like it's oozing from dark and desolate depths from inside a mirky and haunted forest. Not so much songs but more shaped soundscapes made to infer sorrow and a very creepy haunting atmosphere. spotify:track:4WEHCETUETMffvUPK2R7WL Threadbare ()

The last release of sea-faring, folk-pop-bluesers Port O'Brien. Some of their best songwriting and by far cleanest production. The album has a concept and due consistency, and it really iterates on all the good stuff from earlier. Sadly though, no longer. At least they ended on a high note. spotify:track:3eKyHaJvYaC3mnA8du4JqC De Gek ()

Harbringer of lo-fi 'funeral folk', the creepiest atmospheres, the darkest corners of music. Phenomenal! spotify:track:3z3Tt0qbzk9A5tzwG7t6Ia Amesoeurs ()

'A kaleidoscoping soundtrack for the modern era'. This record does away with all the nature-religion-folk in black metal, and goes straight for the hardships of urban life. Exquisite songwriting and production, sharp mix of pop and black metal. spotify:track:2z4X47ZuDmPTrHYI1HMHBb Clean Hands Go Foul ()

Khanate is a unique piece of work. It sounds like a band dying in the studio and recording every last bit of it. Prepare to not be swayed away by layers of noise, but rather be thrown into a bathtub of rusty razors and salt. This is meant to hurt. spotify:track:4JkgZJ4N5kwQPbsQuY6iX0 No Hassle ()

'No Hassle' does the record justice. Sit down for a 2 hour spin of downtempo mellow beeps and bloops, with a flair of jazz and a whiff of trip-hop. The length of albums like these aren't a problem (see Nord), because it's suited best in the back of your mind. Doesn't require attention. spotify:track:2o6F6YMxMpWDzdefqy9ACb Fever Ray ()

This is definitively in my top-5 records of all time. The gloomy electronic beats serve as a background for a swamp of surreal ritualistic music. The atmosphere oozing out of every element of this record is so sublimely delivered. After 8 years, I still want to drown in this music. spotify:track:2LvCmUWq75gYc5TtYPJPpR Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants ()

It's amazing some teenagers got together to play some blues, and then continue to take the world by force with hammond-riddled bluesrock like in the old days. They have a way of making it appealing and hip again for younger generations to dive into their parents record collection for more.

Upper Air () American Spiritual () Koonyum Sun ()